Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pop Culture: Folks don't like Gwyneth Paltrow because they're lazy and jealous

Gwyneth Paltrow is out promoting her new cookbook this week, and before we get to the part where she explains why some people don’t like her, here are a few quotes from the book. Maybe there will be some hints in there:

Who could forget? Oh, did you not spend your summers in Spain as a teenager? Oh what a pity. You really should have.

The gazpacho was pedestrian, but the lobster more than made up for it.

And of course you should only burn Rosewood imported from Brazil. For seafood dishes I like to burn wood salvaged from Spanish shipwrecks—a luxury, I know, but it really makes a difference.

So there’s nothing in her book that people could interpret to be elitist or condescending, so why does she think some people don’t like her.
(Here’s) her theory: folks are “pissed off” because she’s driven and unafraid of change, while they’re not.
“It’s easier to not change, not do something good for you, not work on your relationship, not make yourself a meal, not work out,” she tells PopEater. “Everything in my life that’s good is because I worked my ass off to get it and to maintain it.”

Well there you have it. If you’re not a millionaire like she is, it’s because you’re lazy. With a little effort they could have had parent's who are Hollywood Royalty and their godfather Steven Spielberg would have given them their first role. When Gwyneth Paltrow started acting, she had nothing but 10 million dollars, connections, and a dream. It really is an inspiring story.


L7.  All old school should be like this.


  1. really a cook book? didnt expect that from her

  2. For real, a cook book? surprising

  3. I dont really think about her too often. a3

  4. I always liked Gwyneth Paltrow. Thought she was funny and pretty talented.

  5. This chick seems a little out of touch.

  6. Only 10 mil? Poor thing. Your conclusion i just, I think.

  7. i agree with Daniel Simpson, she's just weird

  8. kinda like gwyneth. shes cute enough and isn't as annoying as shes made out to be, but still annoying.

  9. I dont like paltrow either! Following and supporting.

  10. I prefer to believe that their personalities are based on the positive characters they play in their acting roles...makes me less angry than knowing the truth! Ahh, ingorance is bliss

  11. greed with Tokyo.

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