Monday, May 9, 2011

Commercials: I HATE the new AT&T ad!

Seems everytime you turn on the tv, you see it.  The latest ad from AT&T.  This one:

Yeah, it has its fans.  Here, for example.  Here is an interesting one where it's debated whether the "tosser" pays for a new phone or not.

It's clear that "Shelia" is a whiny, annoying little bitch.  That's probably why "the bear" as we shall call him dumped her ass six months ago.  Plus, within the finite confines of a 30 second spot, you have to make things happen, and what better way to display the "speed" of AT&T's (pseudo)4G network, than to send a text, get two replies AND a video.  

It was "bro-riffic" to ask for clearance to hit her up for a date.  What wasn't cool was to toss the phone with a whiny little grunt, and then toss back your jericurled hair like the bearded hipster faggot that you are, with your fake Charlie Sheen sounding voice.  On second thought, maybe Shelia dumped his ass! At least I hope so!

You raeg, you lose.  Pantera.  



  1. This has nothing on the toyota highlander commercial with the curly haired d-bag kid. Just want to punch that smug little mofo right in the face.

  2. Funny post.


  3. how often do you find ads that dont annoy the shit out of you?

  4. from time to time i find some that make me laugh

  5. I hate AT&T for a plethora of reasons. Also, I just ate some biscuits.

  6. Yeah, I remember the first time I saw this commercial. I nodded in respect to that guy respecting the bro code. Asking his friend if he can date his ex. Respect.

    Though when all that stuff went down made me laugh, but the throwing of the phone put a bit of icing on the cake and just made me lose it the first time. Loved it.

  7. that video is really badass! i like your blog (following!)

  8. Thats why no one touches my android.